A Known Suspected White Supremacist In Omaha Named Jake Gardner Killed A Black Youth

Last night during protests in Omaha Nebraska, an innocent Black youth named James Scurlock was allegedly murdered by a suspected white supremacist named Jake Gardner.

Gardner, who owns a bar/club in Omaha called The Hive, allegedly has a long reputation in the area for being an anti-Black racist. Many witnesses to the killing last night, claimed that Gardner was walking through a crowd of protesters, armed, while yelling racial epithets, trying to instigate an altercation.

Gardner was allegedly arrested for the murder, but reports are saying he was immediately released. Details are still coming in on this developing story.

Here is video of the shooting that was posted on twitter.

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14 thoughts on “A Known Suspected White Supremacist In Omaha Named Jake Gardner Killed A Black Youth

  1. Jake also, ironically, discriminates against disabled people with Service Dogs. He has kicked out or denied entry to several local members of the Service Dog community.

  2. Prayers may God have mercy on his young soul may God’s wrath on the murderer reign and justice be served. So sad 😢

  3. Gardner.. this country does not want nor do we appreciate monsters like you! You have no right to hate anyone! You deserve to rot in hell along with other pathetic, mindless and ignorant pukes!!!
    I pray that Karma gets ahold of you and others like you quickly, you miserable, disgusting excuse of a human being!!!

  4. Do not put it that way because you want to make it seem like the shooter was in the right when he was really in the wrong, he was saying racial slurs and threatening their life with that gun, the victim was trying to disarm him and make himself and others feel safer without the gun is the shooters hands

  5. This is where the club is located in case anybody wants to meet the owner…
    1207 Harney St .Omaha, NE 68102

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