Anti-Black Racist Who Hinted At Carrying Out Racial Attacks, Busted For Illegal Weapons

Joseph Miner, 29, and friend Daniel Jou, 40, were busted after they bought a cache of weapons with obliterated serial numbers in a hotel room near LaGuardia Airport from an undercover agent.

The social media posts from Miner and the other suspect expressed support of a racial civil or holy war. Miner posted numerous times online about how he hated niggers, and that to “go out firing.” He made other social media posts displaying suicidal ideations and fantasizes about “martyring” himself for the religion of white supremacy.

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9 thoughts on “Anti-Black Racist Who Hinted At Carrying Out Racial Attacks, Busted For Illegal Weapons

  1. The Fall of America is in effect the Lowlife White Supremacist are in full panic mode & this Pandemic is really driving them over the Looney bin to the grave.

  2. Who is raising these uncivilized beasts? Who gets up one day thinking about murdering people who have never harmed you in any way? Disgusting! His parents should be publicly humiliated for their failure and he, being a threat to civilized society should be punished to the full extent of the law for once.

  3. I’m glad they caught this maniac; him and his bf. Its disgusting to think despite already being at a clear advantage and living in a society thats already tailor made accommodate him demographic and oppress FBAs, none of that is enough. These really are some sick mother f**kers

  4. What would you expect from these pale face, knuckledraggin, meth smoking, genetically inferior cave Beast. Black folks need to to love and protect themselves from these beasts

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