Third Suspected White Supremacist Who Participated In The Arbery Lynching, Arrested & Charged

The suspected white supremacist who participated in and filmed the lynching of an innocent Black man Ahmaud Arbery, was arrested Thursday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said. 

William ‘Roddie’ Bryan Jr., 50, was arrested on charges of felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, officials announced.

His alleged accessories to the lynching, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis McMichael, 34, have been charged with murder and aggravated assault for the shooting death of unarmed Arbery, 25, in Brunswick, Georgia, back in February. 

Bryan, a neighbor of the McMichaels, watched and shot the footage of the attack, and allegedly shared the video with other suspected white supremacists in the community they are from. It was reported this week that the daughter of one of the killers, shared an image of Arbery’s dead body on snapchat.

Many people allege that these suspected white supremacists were sharing these images among each other as some type of snuff film entertainment.

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15 thoughts on “Third Suspected White Supremacist Who Participated In The Arbery Lynching, Arrested & Charged

  1. I love what FBA Times are doing. As Black Folks we do need to control the narrative and get the information out.

  2. Yeah once those 2 assholes got arrested, he said let me release the video to cover my ass but the other 2 dimwits told on his ass & said he had nothing to do with this crime they wasn’t going let his ass walk Scott free while they down for murder they given up everybody & all the info for a lighter sentence.

  3. the DA, POLICE we need to arrest them for the cover-up . And I don’t trust that white judge assigned to the case. I hope the prosecutor is not a Christian, they forgive WHITE DEVILS to damn much.

  4. They also should’ve charged him with “conspiracy to murder” and “accessory to murder”, these SWS always try to rig these trials.

  5. I had to explain to a few people that this is different than people just videotaping a incident as a innocent bystander.

    This man took part in the assault he followed and block the young man from escaping.

    Now would be different if he was a neighbor and he seen something going on outside and he ran out and videotaped it that’s different.

    Hopefully they won’t try and conflate innocent bystanders as willing participants which will scare away people who’s taping a crime.

    They Mayfield that there’d be considered an accomplished to the crime.

    So we have to make this clear to everybody

  6. Oops they may fear that they’d be considered a participant in the crime excuse me I’m using talk to text LOL

  7. where are all these Black women who loooove ZADDY so much,…there really quiet when zaddy out here killing and lying.

  8. Happy to see these rednecks arrested and charged for their racist crimes is a blessing, but don’t jump for joy until they are given a long stiff sentence. Redneck judges, prosecutors, and jurors could possibly lower the charges for lighter sentences. If these three good for nothing suckers walk, all hell will break loose again.

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