2 Black Men In California Appear To Have Been Lynched Recently

This week, a Black man named Robert L. Fuller was found hanging from a tree in Palmdale, California. Fire department personnel who responded to the scene determined he was dead, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. Palmdale city described it as “an alleged death by suicide.”

A few weeks earlier in Victorville Ca, On May 31, 2020, another Black man named Malcalm Harsch was found dead, hanging from a tree near the Victorville City Library at 15011 Circle Drive. White officials there also claimed there was no foul play.

Some people suspect that these are some type of ritualistic lynchings, and that law enforcement could possibly be involved.

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8 thoughts on “2 Black Men In California Appear To Have Been Lynched Recently

  1. Hi close to victorville I believe it was lynching that killed malcolm. I suspect cops might be involved.

    1. I don’t know if I am watching too many crime investigation shows or anything but the police could have bribed them or even asked them not to perform an autopsy/falsified reports.

  2. Camera’s at City Hall were off, does that make an ounce of sense to you? If someone vandalized the building right now, they would have video. Take a look at the Mayor’s twitter account, he doesn’t care for the protesting and you know why the protesting is going on.

    This situation is further proof that you have to keep your head on a swivel, the devil’s kin are still looking for targets and they won’t stop until we take that option off the table. Make sure you’re not an easy target, don’t leave your home alone stay strapped. If you don’t have a pistol, make sure you have a taser gun, a blade, and spray. I don’t care if it’s wasp spray, have you some shit.

    Have whatever you need to stay dangerous, fuck the games, fuck the fun, there is ZERO time to play in a war zone. You want to live right? Gotta act like it and treat them like you can’t trust them. Dylann Roof was afraid to take his demonic ass to the hood because he was afraid he’d be dealt with the right way, so he slithered into a Black church because he knew he’d encounter soft targets. They know who to go after, make sure it’s not you.

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