7 Black People Shot In Drive-By Shooting In Atlanta By Suspected White Supremacists

drive-by shooting in northeast Atlanta left two people dead and at least five others injured Saturday evening, police said.

A pick-up truck driven by white supremacists fired into a group of Black people in the city’s Edgewood neighborhood, Atlanta police spokesman Officer Anthony Grant said in a statement.

Police have released a photo of a black pickup truck that was used in the drive-by. Anyone with information about the truck or its occupants is asked to call Atlanta police.

Tipsters can remain anonymous, and be eligible for rewards of up to $2,000, by contacting Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477, texting information to 274637 or visiting the Crime Stoppers website.

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27 thoughts on “7 Black People Shot In Drive-By Shooting In Atlanta By Suspected White Supremacists

  1. Anytime you see a big ass truck like that you can almost always guarantee that the occupants are white supremacists

  2. The reward money is really, really low to anonymously call in to police and tell what one know about the whites supremacist drive by murderous killers. In all probability only another suspect white supremacist knows the whereabouts / identities of these white supremacist drive by murderous killer shooters and it’s likely that they will not be adequately incentivized to spill the beans on these White supremacist murderous Kau Kasian Killers. It is similar to the non punishment for white supremacist Impersonating police officers! So, they won’t stop! The FBA and any / all Black people have to stop these white supremacist police officer impersonators and the deputized / citizen type, white supremacist drive by murderous killers. They are lynching Black people in various States in America on site. So, it’s on site!


  4. Who killed these people? WHAT COLOR IS THE PEOPLE WHO WHERE MURDER?
    I am not slow to evil! In the middle of fighting to be free in a land I helped build is a shame! To the police focre if your hinding people that hate Americans your guilty.. People who hate groups of people should never be allowed to serve people! Period… We all have the gift of life how dare people playGod! GOD IS WATCHING….
    And so is the world…
    Yes I sceen shot this meesage. So my people can see what I said to you.
    They know who killed them people…
    Sick demonic I can’t call who ever did this human they evil and low minded, so low, low low minded…

  5. Keep your head on a swivel, my people. Too many of us are playing games. These white supremacists and their lackeys are looking for soft targets. B1.

    1. The racism pandemic has been ongoing for black folk on this land mass since 1619 so what we’re now dealing with is nothing new.

      1. Exactly it’s just being put on front street. So when your being threatened you better strike first better judge by 12 than carried by six.

  6. FBA’s…get your weapons and keep them on you! These crackers are not playing and neither should we! Arm yourselves. One Love!

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