Another White Man Kills His Black Girlfriend, This Time In Baton Rouge

A 27-year-old white man was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Sunday after he confessed to fatally stabbing his Black girlfriend at a Jefferson Highway apartment complex Saturday. 

Baton Rouge Police responded Saturday morning to Arts at Jefferson Heights in the 8900 block of Jefferson Highway. Officials said they found the body of Kinnedy Smith, 21, at the scene. 

Louisiana State Police later arrested Connor Regan, a resident at the apartment complex, in the Crowley area. He was brought to a local hospital for unknown injuries. 

Regan was booked into the parish jail on suspicion of second-degree murder following his release from the hospital Sunday. It has become a common occurrence to see cases of white men killing their Black female partners/victims.

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58 thoughts on “Another White Man Kills His Black Girlfriend, This Time In Baton Rouge

    1. Domestic violence has been going on since the beginning of time. I think we are seeing more African American women being abused by white men now because more African American women are starting to date outside their race.

      1. That is absolutely true. I’m a white female and for some reason unfortunately, some white men have some sort of complex and murder their girlfriends no matter the race. I don’t get it. But it usually is a white man. Or a white boy committing school shootings. Mental health and long lines of racism still being taught doesn’t help this awful statistic.

      2. Because it was accepted and expected black women have ALWAYS been white men’s “Bed Warmers and House Gals” since they were brought to America as slaves. Black men only started being forced by white women to sleeping with white women who were just trying to get even with their white husbands until they started having black babies!!!

      1. God said do not mix with the edamites the eadhamite of European people white people We are israelites Black people do not Mix That’s what God said Do not mix with white people white people that’s what God said

    1. Right. The one who beat you, Separated you from your family, raped you and made you give them your virginity before your husbands. Why you your return to that.

        1. Out ancestors. He telling you why knowing what our ancestors went through would you go and date what they ran from? That’s where the phrase history repeats its self comes into play. That’s the same white man then as it is today.

        2. You are missing the point!! Obviously, she wasn’t a history major. The same chances she gave this damn fool she wouldn’t have given to a brother. You can’t expect anything different from these DEVILS.

        3. It doesn’t matter if she was a slave or not. You need to remember your history and stop trying to go outside your race simply because you want your children to “have good hair”. They are the devil the Bible speaks of and “the proof is in the pudding”. Why would you date or marry the person who’s ancestors owned your ancestors. Raped, robbed, murdered and lynched your ancestors. Men, women and children were not safe and are STILL not safe. They will never change… it’s in their blood to have a perpetual hatred towards us. PERPETUAL HATRED. MEANING EVERLASTING OR NEVERENDING.

          1. Exactly they are the devil the Bible speaks of. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of our sisters trusting the enemy. It must be out of desperation and low self-esteem.

  1. Saddened. Why not just walk away? She didnt have to die. Prayers of Comfort for the Family and Friends of this Princess whose light shined so brightly, but was extinguished by the cruel hand of another. Rest Peacefully.

    1. That’s generally what happens when you hate Black Men so much you’re willing to go outside of race just to be spiteful towards Black Men. This is usually the reason for most black women dating out. The end results always turn out bad for them, then they complain about not being protected by us after 💩’ing on us..

  2. When swirling goes fatal. (No disrespect to the dead sister.) The narrative that has black females seeking the validation, the approval, sexual pursuit, sometime resulting in black children that they insist are biracial, to avoid seeing these children as black and living vicariously through these children to assuage their self hatred of being black themselves, has the chickens coming home to roost, by killings / murders from their prized white zaddy’s at an alarming rate lately. Black male bed bucks lose their financial lives in the end, usually with their beckys. However, these bed wenches are losinng their natural lives a lot lately. I suspect that the current rebellion / uprising is sparking some tough conversations recently. So much for being with a suspect white supremacist male / female is so much better than an FBA male. After all these bed wenches can’t find a good FBA male anywhere. The propaganda / narrative Is dangerous. But they’re suspect white supremacist god’s are white and they say so.

    1. Black Men and women who engage in cross-species sex belong to the group commonly referred to as BED-BUGS. The male is referred to as a BED-BUCK and the female is referred to as a BEDWENCH. I hope you find this useful

  3. Right I hate when ppl do that color has nothing to do with it it was a domestic case gone wrong. It wasn’t a random person he kill it was his freaking gf.

  4. I bet in most of these cases the pretty black girl was about to move on and had a bright future and the white killers were just losers that had nothing going on and nothing to lose with a white supremacist superiority complex so it pushes them to do these racial domestic killings. Black girls be getting with these dusty Duck Dynasty lumberjack lookin ass fools and think they gotta Leonardo DiCaprio.

  5. Being a negro bedwench is a dangerous game. Je likely was always abusive, but she overlooked it because a zaddy is better than taking the time to to pursue quality brothers. They lay up with Pookie and Ray Ray nem then all of a sudden ain’t no good Black men. Smh. Make better decisions in your prime sistas. Quality brothers don’t want you used up. Zaddy isn’t the answer either.

  6. So many will look and go “not my friend (or boyfriend)” it’s quite sad but I feel no remorse for the women who side with the oppressor class.

  7. I am sure it’s racially motivated especially with the protest that’s going on now. It’s causing uncomfortable conversations right now between interracial couples. Unless you are married right now, might not be a good idea to be in a relationship right now.

  8. I have a girlfriend she is black, and has a lot of white friends, and I’m looking for for the day this may happen to her, because she doesn’t believe this could happen to her

  9. Here we go again sisters and brothers really need to leave these monsters alone and chase after black men. Its the trend among college educated black women to have a white man or women with mix kids ( not all but to many) In my opinion its starts in the home black parents need to empower their children and household with black art work, books and discussion on black is beautiful. To many black families love to display white figures on their walls and white books don’t all over the homes. If you question them about their choices of empowerment (which is none they reply is usually I don’t want that black shit hanging on my walls or I like reading about white people). Its sad real sad that we are losing our people to these nuts the love for our own people is something to exam. I know to many black men and women that love the white man his culture until its to late. Its not secret that I chase the white becky from my son and made it be clear that she would never have a seat at my table. I can not and would not let go of the past of my people that was murder in slavery and currently today. White men and white women are sick ass people none are good not one them. Until we take pride in our rich history which many do not want to because they hate the skin they were born in and the churches do not help to many preach a color blind god and welcome white folks into the churches.
    Stay safe folks and stay on code we are at war with these monsters but we are not our grandparents of yesterday

  10. Has anyone raised money for her funeral? Does she have children that need help or an educational fund? It is easy to make assumptions without having the facts at hand which may come out at the trial or plea bargain. Maybe, just maybe, someone can respect her family.

  11. U know like I know there is not and will not ever be as many black killing their white love ones cause it won’t go unpunished u white 😈 are so quick to do it because y’all crimes go unpunished

  12. Amen. Love cautiously is the key to happiness today. And that is not always within your own color lines. Get to know who you are dating–good and bad traits. She just missed the mark of seeing him for his true self! He does have a medical dress on…HE JUST MAY BE A PSYCHO!!

  13. My thoughts exactly! This is a character and sin issue, not a racial one. Men of all ethnic groups have abused and/or killed their own women as well as others. Women often tolerate abusive behavior, when they should get out immediately. I find it hard to believe this man didn’t display abusive behavior before this incident. If a man even implies that it’s alright to put his hand on a woman, leave him alone! Period!

  14. So called black sisters be warned. You are the biblical Israelites according to Deutoronomy 28:48,68 & Gen 15:13. Here is God’s advice on dating outside of your race.

    Deut 7:3 “Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.”

  15. It is a racial motivation,perhaps she couldn’t give him children, so he got upset and said, dam, I pick up the wrong black chic and she said, shit this mf cant breed me, I’m about to find me a N…. who can f…. me good and give me a son, then he got mad and kill her

  16. Well let me guess, it’s the Black Man’s fault her zaddy went crazy and killed her, right…? 🙄 These 🦝 Ass Bedwenches will learn one way or the other, just leave brothas out of your mess. We only care about and protect the sistas who are apart of our team. Bedwenches are NOT included they’re on their own.

  17. Exactly they are the devil the Bible speaks of. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of our sisters trusting the enemy. It must be out of desperation and low self-esteem.

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