Anti-Black Mouthpiece For Trump, Candace Owens Gets Suspended From Gofundme

Anti-Foundational Black American mouthpiece for the Trump administration, Candace Owens, launched a Gofundme campaign to support Michael Dykes, a suspected white supremacist Birmingham bar owner who slammed the George Floyd protests, calling Floyd a “thug” and Black protesters “idiots.”

By Saturday, the campaign raised almost $200,000 from white supremacists all over the country.

However, GoFundMe on Sunday suspended Owens’ account from its platform and took down the page.
GoFundMe issued a statement that says:

“GoFundMe has suspended the account associated with Candace Owens and the GoFundMe campaign has been removed because of a repeated pattern of inflammatory statements that spread hate, discrimination, intolerance and falsehoods against the black community at a time of profound national crisis. These actions violate our terms of service. Furthermore, the Parkside Cafe has clearly condemnedthe comments that initially led to this campaign.”

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9 thoughts on “Anti-Black Mouthpiece For Trump, Candace Owens Gets Suspended From Gofundme

  1. She is a total embarrassment to the POC. She needs to sit her Tom-asina ass down and get with the involvement of the POC.

  2. The time will come when the white supremacist are done with this anti-FBA tool! They are going to break her into swirler pieces!!! More importantly, she is done in intelligent FBA society.

  3. Candace Owens is not a Foundational Black American. She comes from an immigrant background. She has no problem undermining FBAs because she doesn’t see herself as one of us. She thinks she’s something else. She follows the lead of her zaddy like obedient negro bedwencheems do.

  4. hate is a strong word in describing the hate for her I am older women that been around for a very long time and know these types of black ugly women who really desires to be white and would do anything and say anything about black people. She is nothing but a con artist political pimp and a mental ill women she lacks substance of any kind other than loving the white man and doing the white man saying. but her day is coming and we will see her fall flat on her mental face the shit she said about Mr. Floyd was just horrible she is a trashy ugly black women and have no room to call out anyone past. if you google her past you find that she likes to sues people for bullshit and even use the NACCP once for a case clearly she is a fruit cake and living in her glory. The fact is that she has a huge followers to many young educated black women follow her and this is very dangerous. She is a college drop out and like to think she is intelligent smarter than the rest well she is smarter than her white audience who lacks real intelligent. Marrying her white zaddy gives her more room for hate and talking shit and shit on black people. When will she debate a real black sister never. if she decides to run for any office she will lose no average black person will vote for her. In the meantime we must call this fool out at every chance .

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