Black Man In Georgia Charged With Murder After He Stood His Ground Against Alleged White Supremacists

A Sharpsburg, Ga., Black man named William Marcus Wilson was charged with murder last week in connection with the shooting death of a white woman named Haley Hutcheson in Statesboro.

According to several reports, Wilson was out with his white girlfriend, and Haley Hutcheson and her other white friends were allegedly racially harassing the couple by spewing out terms like “nigger lover.”

Reports go on to say that Wilson and his girlfriend got in their vehicle to leave to avoid further confrontation, but allegedly Hutcheson and her entourage of suspected white supremacists got in their car and followed the fleeing couple.

Witnesses said the mob that included Hutcheson allegedly tried to run the couple off the road, and that’s when Wilson, fearing for his life, stood his ground, and fired a warning shot from his car.

Hutchenson was fatally wounded from the alleged warning shot, and Wilson was ultimately charged with murder. The state of Georgia prides itself on being a Stand Your Ground state, but many people believe the white lawmakers pick and choose who is allowed to be protected under that law based on race.

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