Black Man In Georgia Charged With Murder After He Stood His Ground Against Alleged White Supremacists

A Sharpsburg, Ga., Black man named William Marcus Wilson was charged with murder last week in connection with the shooting death of a white woman named Haley Hutcheson in Statesboro.

According to several reports, Wilson was out with his white girlfriend, and Haley Hutcheson and her other white friends were allegedly racially harassing the couple by spewing out terms like “nigger lover.”

Reports go on to say that Wilson and his girlfriend got in their vehicle to leave to avoid further confrontation, but allegedly Hutcheson and her entourage of suspected white supremacists got in their car and followed the fleeing couple.

Witnesses said the mob that included Hutcheson allegedly tried to run the couple off the road, and that’s when Wilson, fearing for his life, stood his ground, and fired a warning shot from his car.

Hutchenson was fatally wounded from the alleged warning shot, and Wilson was ultimately charged with murder. The state of Georgia prides itself on being a Stand Your Ground state, but many people believe the white lawmakers pick and choose who is allowed to be protected under that law based on race.

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32 thoughts on “Black Man In Georgia Charged With Murder After He Stood His Ground Against Alleged White Supremacists

  1. MORE FBA FOLKS NEED TO STAND THEIR GROUND MORE OFTEN!!! GOOD FOR THAT BROTHER NOT BEING A COWARD!! #justiceforwilliam #freewilliam #standyourground

  2. Obviously a tragic accident that resulted from a bunch of thugs out here trying terrorize law abiding citizens. I know it’s not PC but something needs to be done about the crime in the white community because this is happening everywhere.

  3. Stand your ground wasn’t intended for black folk defending themselves. It was for whitey to use force if he feels threatened. Same applies today. Here in Indiana, Brothers have to jump through hoops to get a gun permit but these young fresh out of high school white boys get them with no problem. Gun laws are enforced against us to the max. Which is what they intended but look at the school shootings. Disgruntle white boys are doing the killing not the thugs from the projects.. Ironic…

  4. At the end of the day, I theorize there may be some type of racist gene that can ultimately, one day, be identified. To have so much hateful passion for people based on some damn skin color can’t get any more asinine.

    Literally, bothering then stalking and harassing people, who simply were minding their own damn business, got that kewpie woman deader than flies in a window sill.

    Now, a person who was defending himself has to pay for a dead person’s stupidity? Nah, this is reckless.

    1. If there is some cartoon racist gene you would certainly have it.

      Biggest bunch of moronic racist posts I’ve seen in some time. Well done fools…

  5. First of all, he should never have been arrested. If it had been the other way around he wouldn’t have been. The couple was fleeing, they run not our of cowardness but for the sake of peace yet the aggressors pursued looking for trouble and found it. Open and shut case, she should have left them alone and she would be alive today! I say every black person needs to own at least one gun and be well trained in how to use it! They kept bothering us, while we keep trying to abide in peace. So the 1st law of nature is self-preservation. We will do what we have to in other to stay safe.

  6. Is the murder charge because Prosecutors believe his actions were excessive retaliation for a driver aggressively menacing him while he tried to escape? Or are Prosecutors not even acknowledging he was under attack?

    1. this is Mr. Wilson’s defense attorney. He has a go fund me page. This is the work. I went to school in Statesboro and I can tell you for a fact that if Mr. Wilson was white he would not be in custody. Tragic outcome but his actions were justified in my opinion.

  7. When Bed Bucking goes wrong. Under the illusion of inclusion, this bed buck thought by standing his ground in the middle of a race war in Georgia, that he could defend himself and Becky against other suspect whites supremacist and get away? Even Non white / Black cops go to jail when shooting a Becky / Karen and killing them by mistake. Well, he will be judged by 12 instead of carried by 6. The bed bucking gotta go tho. He’s about to be made a huge example of for bed bucking with flat posterior, blond Becky cave wenches.

    1. I agree, either get on code or suffer the consequences. I need more info before I jump to folks defense, I need to know folks ain’t a coon.

  8. Somebody need to get that gofundme for him started. He needs a good defense team cuz the white supremacist media is trying to railroad him by writing articles making it seem like William was on the prowl looking for a victim on the interstate.
    I haven’t confirmed it but it looks like somebody that might be the white girls mom made a “White Lives Matter” post on her Facebook after the shooting. Oddly enough her parents didn’t show up to the press conference. It was the grandfather and aunt and they’re already talking about forgiveness. They must know the racist devil they were raising caused her own death.

  9. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. The shooting was completely justified! He neutralized a threat and should be released immediately. I’ll donate to his legal defense fund.

  10. Every action comes with a reaction greater then or equal to 🤷🏿‍♂️ I hope that brother beats the charges and finds himself a sister 😂

  11. Black men please Leave the white women alone! They are the most protected woman in the entire world! Not black women! He was defending himself and her and still caught a charge!’

  12. Fuck you! You’re the same type of bullshitter who would jump through hoops to defend a white person, if he/she did this to a black…As you ppl always say..the truth hurts..FUCK YOU AND THE FADED DEAD CUNT..SHE DESERVED TO DIE

  13. You poked the bear, and now you are crying foul after getting mauled! He shouldn’t be charged for murder, for it was actually a suicide mission, particularly when you and your rag tag squad of misfits picked the wrong bear to mess with.

  14. Dang his lawyer didn’t tell him that? Or did he talk without a lawyer first? It’s just a mess. Plus you don’t shoot unless you intend to harm someone.

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