Elderly Suspected White Supremacist Shot Black Man In The Back Because She Thought He Was Going To Steal From Her Store

An 88-year-old suspected white supremacist female was arrested after she shot an innocent Black man in the back, because she thought he was going to steal from her Tennessee liquor store. 

May Boyce was charged with aggravated assault and released on $10,000 bond, according to Nashville police. Because the victim Ramon Fisher was innocent of any crime, May Boyce used a lot of racially coded language in order to justify this alleged hate crime.

Boyce, who owns Murfreesboro Road Liquor and Wines, told investigators two Black men entered her store and walked behind the counter where the vodka was located. She said one of the men approached her “in a manner that she knew” he was going to steal from her. She also claimed that the Black men were “menacing.” This is what some experts racial studies refer to as the “I’m white and I say so” defense.

Boyce continued to create a make-believe scenario of what she thought was going to happen. Boyce said the man was “going to try and push her down before heading out the door with the bottles under his arm. “

The local police there seem to be on the suspected white supremacist code with Boyce. Police made a very questionable claim that they interviewed the victim, Mr. Fisher at the hospital after the alleged racial shooting, and Fisher allegedly told police he intended on stealing the liquor.

This sounds highly improbable, because it would not make sense for anyone to confess to a crime they didn’t commit, or get charged for.  It would make less sense for someone to confess to a shoplifting they intended to do, but didn’t go through with.

Police said that the next day, Fisher denied intending to steal the liquor. The fact that there are two different statements that contradict each other, and knowing the history of high profile, anti-Black targeting by the Nashville PD, the public must use discretion when receiving information from that agency.

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