Here Are The Two Race Soldiers Who Killed Rayshard Brooks

Garrett Rolfe, the Atlanta race soldier who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks has been fired as the city erupts in protests and riots in the wake of Brooks’ death outside a Wendy’s restaurant.

A second officer involved in the killing was placed on administrative leave and was identified as Devin Bronsan, who was hired in 2018.

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7 thoughts on “Here Are The Two Race Soldiers Who Killed Rayshard Brooks

  1. We better see this white supremacist paid assassin get charged as quick as those black pigs did in Atlanta. Same city so we better not see the mayor or DA act like “their hands are tied” when it comes to charging this skinhead.

  2. So, one is being transferred and one has desk duty with pay. The male relatives, if they are on code, of the murdered Black male may want to talk to these two suspect white supremacist.

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