NYPD “Officer” With History Of Anti-Black Abuse, Caught Of Video Using Banned Chokehold On Black Youth

Suspected race soldier for the NYPD, David Afandor, was caught on video along with other “officers” abusing an unidentified Black male today. While a number of white officers pile onto the Black male victims, Afandor can be seen using a banned chokehold on the victim, rendering him unconscious.

David Afandor has a history of racism abuse against Black citizens of New York. In 2014, Afandor violently pistol whipped and punched a 16 year old Black child. Afandor was later acquitted of the racial attack, and this acquittal has given him the green light to continue the policy of anti-Black violence.

Below is the disturbing video of the chokehold attack carried out by David Afandor today in Brooklyn. There are currently crowds of protesters showing up to the precinct in the area where the racial attack occurred.

Story developing.

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8 thoughts on “NYPD “Officer” With History Of Anti-Black Abuse, Caught Of Video Using Banned Chokehold On Black Youth

  1. What is the PUNISHMENT for the race soldier, while in a police uniform, using a banned choke hold? What is the PUNISHMENT for other Race Soldiers, while wearing police uniforms, aiding and abetting in a criminal act of using a banned choke hold? What does these impersonators of police officers have documented in their personnel file on record? What is the PUNISHMENT for Judges, Prosecutors and District Attorneys who allow banned choke holds on their watch by not PUNISHING these Race Soldiers, faking to be police officers? What should FBA’s do about this as the elected officials who work for FBA’s and receive FBA tax dollars as payment, as they continue to turn a blind eye to FBA Demands? Which form of PUNISHMENT will FBA use to stop these Suspect White Supremacist from harming family oriented, FBA non immigrant citizens? Stop Anti Black Racism! Cut The Check! No Tangibles, No Vote2020! Black 1st!…Forever!

    1. They have qualified immunity. It’s literally a fringe benefit for police and elected officials that get in sticky situations like this.

  2. who are you.? so lawmakers. Damn the reforming of polices there needs to be consequences for killing killing black men are black people. Start putting their asses in prison and the hell with that goddamn reform.

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