Suspected White Supremacist NFL Player Jake Fromm Apologized For Racist Texts

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm apologized for using the phrase “elite white people” in a text conversation from more than a year ago, and posted on social media early Thursday morning.

In text messages from March 16, 2019, Fromm said he believes “guns are good” and then he added, “Just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha.” Here are the texts and apology below.

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10 thoughts on “Suspected White Supremacist NFL Player Jake Fromm Apologized For Racist Texts

  1. His Black teammates should treat him how the NFL treated Kaepernick, apology is not enough. Time to send a message to these racists.

  2. This is great news…Drew Brees and now Jake Fromm? Let these white supremacists keep coming out. The tides are definitely turning now. Stay war ready fam✊🏽💪🏽

  3. Gun rights were originally ONLY for the minorities to protect themselves from a tyrannical majority. Gun rights, and the majority power is redundant. Only minorities should have gun rights in America, but in a racist society, the majority has the guns, and the minority is criminalized to keep them from gun rights.

  4. All this Covid being locked in the house, then having protest- eventually a person shows their true colors..and that he did. Lost my respect.

  5. We will NOT accept any apologies from these SWS in these NFL players and their owners. for their racism. Let them keep purging these demons out. Would like to see them locked in a cage or euthanized!!!

  6. Yawn…another fake apology. Black players should not say a word about it and just “lay it out” on the field- keep it it legal so nobody can complain…

  7. yes but to many black men love sports and look at these white men as great footballs players and will not call them out but now that the shit is real every one meaning white people want to be nice and forgiven fuck them they are not to be trusted

  8. Without their guns they are a shit bag they’re jealous of black guys athletic ability we have it naturally they have to use steroids Spew Lies about the black man .

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