The Same Day The Supreme Court Extended Civil Rights Laws To White LGBTs, The Court Protected Laws That Allow Cops To Murder Black People

Today the Supreme Court issued a major victory for the white LGBT community, using Civil Rights laws that were initially fought for by Black Americans. These laws were initially put in place to protect the rights of Black people who were victimized by white supremacists, including white supremacists in the LGBT community, like FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, and others.

The high court ruled that the federal civil-rights law prohibits employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity, a decision that for the first time extends federal workplace protections to LGBT employees nationwide.

The Civil Rights laws are still not fully enforced to protect the rights of Black people. And the same day the Supreme Court extended these Civil Rights laws to benefit white LGBT people, the court also protected laws that allow race soldiers to murder Black people with impunity.

The Supreme Court on Monday again turned away a number of cases revisiting the controversial legal doctrine, qualified immunity, that shields race soldiers in law enforcement and government officials from being sued for racially murdering Black people. The justification is many of these actions are taken in an “official capacity.”

The decision by the high court comes against the backdrop of  anti-Black racism protests across the U.S. in response to the death of George Floyd and many other victims of white supremacy.

Law enforcement officers acting as race soldiers who racially execute Black people are rarely prosecuted, so lawsuits brought by victims of this type of non-justice are often the only way to hold the system of white supremacy accountable. And there’s no other way for victims to get compensation for a violation of their rights. But a string of decisions by the Supreme Court has made it very difficult for victims to win in court.

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6 thoughts on “The Same Day The Supreme Court Extended Civil Rights Laws To White LGBTs, The Court Protected Laws That Allow Cops To Murder Black People

  1. WHITE MALES have D.A., JUDGES, POLICE all have qualified immunity. That why they keep putting these devil in those positions. White coon’s dance and protect these devils.

  2. These race solders (policemen) have to held accountable. That is the only way to get racial harmony between the police and society.

    This qualified immunity has to be erased immediately

  3. We must blame the U.S. Supreme Court for the persistent murders of African Americans by police. The Court has enforced the doctrine of qualified immunity, which either prohibits or lessens civil and criminal penalties against cops who murder unarmed African Americans. The prevalence of these murders in the U.S. has risen to the level of torture. African Americans could file a Human Rights Violations complaint against the U.S., as International leaders considered the U.S. to be a safe country. The fact that the U.S. has this reputation makes it difficult to challenge, take it to task, and hold it responsible for these extrajudicial killings. Countless deaths of African Americans demonstrate it is not safe. The only way to stop this violence is to take collective action which entails stripping the U.S. of its reputation, this “safe country” mythology, and to further show American police are not different from the police in “non-democratic” regimes. Is it not ironic that countries that are considered “non-democratic” are those in which are not ran by White governments? African Americans, or as you would say, Foundational Black Americans, must show the world who police in the U.S. really are: thugs in uniform.

  4. As it is, expecting the government to act on behalf of Foundational Black American people has resulted in nothing that supports FBA’s best interests. What should one expect from a System of Racism / White Supremacy? Exactly this, more Anti Black Racism / White Supremacy. President Obama appointed both Elana Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor of the Supreme Court Justices and they are useless against Systemic Racism White Supremacy by defending / supporting the police with qualified immunity. This is a nod to the Race Soldiers impersonating police officers to continue the Anti Black Racists murdering tactics that they are infamous for. Its clear that Racism / White Supremacy would not have lasted this long without government support. Both the Left Democratic Wing and the Right Republican Wing are Wings of the same Racist / White Supremacist Bird. FBA people are correct for taking matters into ones own hands by Not Voting for any of the presented party candidates during this Presidential election. No Anti Black Racism should be tolerated. No Tangibles offered for the FBA vote should result in… No Black Vote. FBA People have nothing to lose Countering Racism / White Supremacy at every level of interaction. No Anti Black Racism! No Tangibles, No Vote! Cut The Check! and of course Black 1st!

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