White Hispanic Informants In Cicero IL. Have Been Deputized By Police To Target Blacks

During this week of nationwide uprisings against white supremacy and anti-Black racism, some law enforcement agencies are using new retaliatory tactics.

The mainstream media has been silent about the racial targeting of Black people in the Chicago area by white hispanics. But social media accounts are reporting several videos of white hispanics in the Cicero neighborhood-an area with a long history of vile anti-Black racism, going all the way back to the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Martin Luther King even spoke our about how the anti-Black racism in Cicero was more vicious than in the South.

Reports from the Chicago community are stating that the white hispanics in Cicero are essentially deputized informants working with the Chicago police department. There are multiple videos of the white hispanics assaulting random Black people, and they are illegally brandishing guns and other weapons with impunity.

The white hispanics are attacking innocent, unsuspecting Black women and Black families, and deliberately lying by stating they are trying to stop looters. The lie they keep pushing on social media is that they are trying to protect their businesses. But the businesses that they have in the area are cheap dollar stores that Black people are not trying to steal from anyway.

There has been a pushback and several of the white hispanics have been victims of multiple drive by shootings in the past few days.

It appears that law enforcement in the Cicero area is still offering a certain level of protection for the white hispanic vigilantes.

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