White Hispanic Informants In Cicero IL. Have Been Deputized By Police To Target Blacks

During this week of nationwide uprisings against white supremacy and anti-Black racism, some law enforcement agencies are using new retaliatory tactics.

The mainstream media has been silent about the racial targeting of Black people in the Chicago area by white hispanics. But social media accounts are reporting several videos of white hispanics in the Cicero neighborhood-an area with a long history of vile anti-Black racism, going all the way back to the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Martin Luther King even spoke our about how the anti-Black racism in Cicero was more vicious than in the South.

Reports from the Chicago community are stating that the white hispanics in Cicero are essentially deputized informants working with the Chicago police department. There are multiple videos of the white hispanics assaulting random Black people, and they are illegally brandishing guns and other weapons with impunity.

The white hispanics are attacking innocent, unsuspecting Black women and Black families, and deliberately lying by stating they are trying to stop looters. The lie they keep pushing on social media is that they are trying to protect their businesses. But the businesses that they have in the area are cheap dollar stores that Black people are not trying to steal from anyway.

There has been a pushback and several of the white hispanics have been victims of multiple drive by shootings in the past few days.

It appears that law enforcement in the Cicero area is still offering a certain level of protection for the white hispanic vigilantes.

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10 thoughts on “White Hispanic Informants In Cicero IL. Have Been Deputized By Police To Target Blacks

  1. Those White Hispanics they are the worst racist they are just trained monkeys for The real White Supremacist the Law Enforcement arm of White Supremacy the evil entity is being confronted by the righteousness of the protest for change it’s a new day the whole world is protesting the trained monkeys only do what they massa trained them to do may go down with there Trump & there White Supremacist Masters who want to deport them all.

    1. Why are they called “white hispanics?” They are straight up SP*CKS!!! Black folk who live out here in LA know all about them. A large number of them- not all- love “licking majority establishment orifice” who then turn around and not enforce anti-immigration laws which favors them. Say what you want about Trump and he is indeed a major prick- but he KNOWS it is wise to safeguard against the bumrush by these clowns at the border…

  2. Roland Martin and his guest an these Christian negro always talking about Black and brown BS,…..TIRED OF these WEAK Black people SELF-HATE SHIT.
    Let’s start calling out these weak links in the public.

    1. Dr Clark and other ancestors always told us – we have no friends or allys – they are hateful in order to maintain their white privilege. Little do b the know, it’s a joke.

  3. It seems as if that black and brown Coalition. has once again bear bitter fruit. All my Chicago folk need to Tool up and deal with these spics

  4. They will learn the hard way that their role in white society is to be a buffer class.When those gangsters up there get thru riding thru airing their asses out….and the police get wind of that failure they will discard their asses ASAP.
    We know the Hispanics don’t stand a chance so they asses will get what’s coming for not obeying the code…kick they asses off the 5 and the 6.

  5. If that’s where the energy is, it’s time to raise up. Don’t let them punk you, they really don’t want the smoke for real

  6. Out here in LA we know all about these clowns…they target easy pickings like elderly black folk or little defenseless kids….FBA TOOL UP AND PREPARE TO PUT IN THAT WORK!!

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