Minnesota Law Makers Introduce Deceptive Reparations Proposal That Includes Native Americans

In an effort to pacify Foundational Black American’s call for reparations, during the worldwide #NoAntiBlackRacism movement, lawmakers in Minnesota introduced a deceptive reparations proposal.

Senators Kari Dziedzic, Bobby Joe Champion, Scott Dibble, Patricia Torres Ray, and Jeff Hayden authored a trick bag proposal for reparations that includes Native Americans.

This is deceitful and disrespectful on several levels. First, the basis for Foundational Black American’s demands for reparations is slavery. And the proposal deliberately leaves out any mention of slavery. This is because every other group will immediately be disqualified from receiving reparations.

Instead, the proposal mentions the acknowledgment of “cruelty” and “inhumanity” of “certain groups.”

Here is the first paragraph of the proposal.

A bill for an act
relating to state government; acknowledging the fundamental injustice, cruelty, 
brutality, and inhumanity suffered by certain groups in Minnesota’s history; 
establishing a commission to study and report recommendations to provide 
appropriate remedies.

The second reason why this proposal is deceptive, is because Native Americans have received forms of reparations and tangibles already from the government. Also, the Treaty of 1866 states that certain Native American tribes owe money and resources to the descendants of Black people who were enslaved by those tribes.

For years, some of these Native American tribes have infamously kicked out Black members so they would not receive benefits. Certain Native American tribes allied themselves with the Confederacy to keep Black Americans in bondage. And to allow these groups to be included in reparations discussions is a slap in the face to the legacy of Foundational Black Americans.

Policy makers trying to include Native Americans in the Black American reparations discussion is reminiscent to the deceptive Affirmative Action tactics used after the Civil Rights bills were passed in the late 1960’s. Affirmative Action was supposed to be a corrective policy for Black Americans. But terms like “minority” was included in the policy, and this ultimately undermined Black Americans, so that every other group could benefit from Affirmative Action, with Black Americans left empty handed.

Policy makers understand that most people claiming Native American today, are actually white people, with little to no Native American ancestry at all. And there have been many scams where these white people use their false claims of Indian heritage, to get government contracts, and other resources. And white lawmakers understand that including Native Americans in Black reparations discussions, will ultimately open the door to white people getting paid, again, for the suffering Black people endured during antebellum slavery.

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