NON-FBA Blogger Sandra Rose, Aligns Herself With Suspected White Supremacists

Non-FBA gossip blogger who goes by the name Sandra Rose, has featured a story on her site where she is promoting a Gofundme page and YouTube channel created by a suspected white supremacist named Jeremy Hambly who also goes by The Quartering.

Sandra Rose has a history of writing articles that denigrate Foundational Black American celebrities. Many people online has had issues with the weird articles from Sandra Rose’s website, where she mocked Jay-z and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy’s hair.

In an article this week, Sandra Rose featured a story about a customer service issue at a Holiday Inn Express involving an unnamed Black customer and a white male receptionist allegedly named Caleb. Rose blatantly lied in her article and claimed that journalist Tariq Nasheed accused “Caleb” of being a racist. She also falsely claimed that “Caleb” was autistic, when there are unconfirmed reports that he could possibly have BPD. Misdiagnosing people who may potentially have special needs or disorders, is something that people should not be trivial with.

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Sandra Rose then started promoting a gofundme page and YouTube channel created by a suspected white supremacist named Jeremy Hambly, who has a well documented history of alt-right affiliations and spewing vile anti-Black racism. Hambly has latched onto the “Caleb” allegedly to push his own agenda. In fact Hambly has been accused several times in the past of creating Gofundme campaigns to exploit certain issues.

Jeremy Hambly was also accused of trying to get a Black woman killed by allegedly having her home “swatted.” There are other videos of Jeremy Hambly spewing racist chicken and watermelon stereotypes about Black people.

So many Foundational Black Americans are concerned with these types of anti-Black racists that non-FBA immigrant Sandra Rose is aligning herself with

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