Are Black People Being Used As Guinea Pigs For COVID19 Testing?

This week it was announced that the US government ordered over 500 million syringes in preparation for mass COVID19 vaccinations. Also this week, Gov. Tony Evers of Wisconsin announced that the state will be providing free COVID19 testing to Black Americans because of the reported “racial disparities” in infections rates.

Earlier this week, the National Guard was in Nashville TN, targeting public housing area populated by Black Americans, going door to door conducting COVID19 testing. These tactics, reminiscent of nazi gestapo policies, has many people on edge.

Many people believe the media reports on the racial disparities of Black people contacting COVID19, is another case of statistics being manipulated to justify an end game. There is a popular book entitled “How To Lie With Statistics” that explains how “statistics” can be manipulated and used to prove or disprove anything.

So the question must be asked: is the propaganda in the media about Black people being disproportionately prone to contacting COVID19, really a ploy to justify targeting the Black population to be used as guinea pigs for potentially dangerous vaccine testing?

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