Disgraced Deputy/Armed Vigilante Group Leader Who Terrorized A Black Family Says He Is Not Racist Because He Has Biracial Children

Last week, a North Carolina suspected white supremacist officer was fired and is under criminal investigation after he gathered an armed white vigilante group and tried to break into a Black teen’s home while searching for a missing person, prosecutors said.

People have compared the actions of Jordan Kita and his fellow terrorists to the lynch mobs of the Jim Crow era in America: where white supremacists would negate the rule of law, and terrorize Black families with impunity.

Kita has released a video using the Thomas Jefferson defense: claiming he is not a racist because he has biracial children. History has shown, that many white supremacist slave owners had Black children, and this fact did nothing to alleviate their anti-Black racism. Many white supremacist have biological and adopted Black children today, and they often try to use these children to shield their racism.

Here is a clip below of Jordan Kita and his lawyer trying to “splain” away his suspected racism.

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