Why Are Black Judges Being Punished For Enforcing The Law?

A Black Dallas Judge Eric Moye received criticism and support for sentencing a white Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther to jail for contempt of court after she kept her salon open amid Coronavirus restrictions.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott got on what many people believe, the white supremacist code, and modified his own executive order, to remove jail time as punishment for violating the order. This was done to free Shelly Luther for jail.

It seems that white officials are willing to negate the laws that they create, if Black official utilize these laws to punish white criminals who violate these laws. Judge Moye is now being criticized by suspected white supremacists around the country for being what they deem as “unfair” for enforcing the law on a white person.

Another Black lawyer who has been repeatedly reprimanded for doing his job in a fair and equal manner, is the honorable Judge Olu Stevens out of Louisville Ky. Judge Stevens has been heavily criticized by anti-Black racists because he has spoken against white supremacist tactics and rhetoric in his courtroom.

Recently, Judge Stevens received more criticism for his role in a controversial case he is presiding over. On March 13th 2020, race soldiers in Louisville stormed the home of an innocent Black woman named Breonna Taylor, and executed her. The race soldiers had a warrant for another suspect, but they went to the wrong home, and barged in the apartment unannounced, and according to reports, started immediately firing their weapons.

After the race soldiers executed Taylor, another male survivor in the home Kenneth Walker, shot back in self defense. Walker, 27, was unfairly charged with attempted murder of a police officer after he shot Sgt. John Mattingly in the leg.

Judge Olu Stevens lowered Walkerโ€™s bond from $250,000 cash to home incarceration, which was the right thing to do, because Walker had a Constitutional right to protect himself. Now white supremacist run police unions are crying foul over Judge Steven’s ruling.

Black Americans must make it a point to support Black judges who do the right thing, and enforce the laws equally and fairly. In a system of white supremacy, anti-Black racists believe that equal justice is unfair.

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12 thoughts on “Why Are Black Judges Being Punished For Enforcing The Law?

  1. โ€œFairโ€ means โ€œWhiteโ€. As insidious as it is, children learn this subliminally when they watch the Disney movie Snow White. Black judges are punished for enforcing the Law on White people. The Dred Scott decision issued in 1854 said that; ‘Blacks had no rights that a White person was bound to respect.’ That decision established a legal dictum that was a common thread through Slavery, Jim Crow laws, the highest number of Black people imprisoned and the period of government benign neglect that continues to be reflected in policies to this day! The Dred Scott decision was never reversed by the courts. So, Why are Black Judges punished for Enforcing the Law? Because the System of White Supremacy has not been replaced by a System of Justice…Yet. As FBA continue the process of demanding Tangibles for the Black Vote and realizing the productive results of this process, reorganizing the Courts will be the natural next constructive step to continue the annihilating of the System of White Supremacy. On this path / course of action FBA people are uncompromising.

  2. These acts of attacks are REVEALING all DECEPTIVE matrix actions against native blacks everywhere in America! Now we must empower ourselves as a people economically to aide this structural removal completely! Our equality is UNITY! White Supremacists power is in the first 12 amendments. Our life standards are in the 13, 14 and 15th amendments, inwhich is the second Constitution! Our financial independence must be attained by way of self determination! Native Blacks are not a part of the White Supremacists paradigm! Stop looking for white acceptances! We must live in black consciousness! Not integration! ASE

    1. I don’t understand. Are you asking for separate but equal? Not a condemnation of your thoughts. Just asking a question.

  3. Great article I am so glad that a site like this has been established. I am excited to see the future growth that it will take.

  4. I’m here in Dallas. The stay-at-home order was mandated by the Dallas County Judge and the Governor of Texas. Judge Moye’ was only enforcing the law that he didn’t create. He actually ask the Dallas salon owner if she apologized that she wouldn’t spend any jail time but she refused. He had no choice but to do his job.

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